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User Experience Designer

great review

"Bridget is an outstanding presenter for career workshops and excellence in matching the right candidates with the right employers. She values your time to ensure maximum results are achieved."

Will Peters


great review

"I met Bridget at a presentation, She left a lasting memory of articulate and fact-based speech presentation. She is passionate, and have excellent mastery of her subject matter. Bridget got participants out of their shells, made the presentation interactive and engaging. Surprisingly, after the seminar, many participants lined up to discuss their needs with her, and she was patient to attend to all. I have no hesitation recommending Bridget to anyone who may need her service in IT, Healthcare, and Engineering Recruitment and Training"

Ayodeji A. Adenuga, MBA, HCM

Human Resource Professional

great review

"I work with the North Carolina Back to Work grant at Central Piedmont Community College. I recently planned a 3-day workshop for the students in this program who have returned to College for retraining prior to re-entering the workforce. Bridget was kind enough to volunteer her time to present 3 one-hour sessions over 3 days. She presented on Resume Writing, using LinkedIn and How to Recession Proof your Career. These presentations were extremely well done, informative and provided the students with the critical information they need for a successful career search in 2013. Bridget was a knowledgeable, well prepared and charismatic presenter. The students had only positive things to say about her presentations. I am very thankful for her willingness to give back to the community and help to make my workshop a success! I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Trudy Button, MBA, CHRP

Unlike ANY Other Agency

great review

"We have worked with several other staffing agencies in the past, but Career Innovations is unlike any other agency. The passion that went into finding our candidates exceeded our expectations. We have offically made Career Innovations our #1 staffing resource."

R. Alexander


great review

“Bridget Baggett reached out to me when I posted my worries about my long stint of being unemployed. Bridget took my then current resume and turned it into a tremendous fact based document that I feel proud to send to prospective employers. Bridget was able to grab and highlight my accomplishments, strengths and, personal traits that have made me successful in my professional career."

Happy Customer

Beyond my expectations!

great review

"Having my resume done by a professional like Bridget, I now wish I done it much sooner. Bridget not only updated my resume beyond my expectations she was able to get me my revised resume in less than 48 hours. She also provided me with a great cover letter to make my application process quicker than ever. Bridget also advised me on how to tailor my resume to fit the requirements of any job I apply for. Finally, Bridget told me to contact her if I had any other questions and she sent me a great thank you note by mail, a touch that is rare in today’s electronic age.”

Bill Rogers

I highly recommend her service

great review

“I recommend Bridget and Career Innovations to assist any individual in the market for new employment. I recently relocated to the Atlanta area just under a year ago, prior to retaining Bridget's service, I was unemployed and constantly searching for jobs with no success. Within a few weeks after retaining Bridget's service, she assisted in highlighting my skill set and showcasing my talents. I received numerous of callbacks, interviews and more recently been hired with a local government agency handling insurance claims. With Bridget and Career Innovations assistance, I didn't just found a job; I found a career with transferrable skill set. The timing was impeccable as I am also a recent graduate from Devry University bachelor of Technical Management program. Thanks Bridget for all you have done. I highly recommend her service to all new graduates and those looking to reinvent themselves."

Sharlita Giles

A mentor like Bridget

“After applying on-line to hundreds of job postings, I was convinced that my resume was taking a quick exit into the trash can. Although my experience justified the jobs I was applying for, I apparently was not strong on conveying my attributes. I received no interest from potential employers. I spent an equal amount of time searching for a job as I did educating myself on advanced resume writing. It wasn’t until Bridget was assigned to me as a volunteer at ProNet that I discover how to get my resume from computer to human eye. Less than 12 hours after submitting my newly revised and Bridget approved resume, I was called in for an interview. I write this recommendation letter from my new office! Of course, Bridget’s wealth of knowledge taught me how to get my resume noticed but more importantly, she kept me enthused and optimistic, important when your ten months into unemployment. Her friendly demeanor overwhelmed my frustration. Her confidence was contagious and her patience unexpected. All from a women who volunteers her time in helping a distressed audience. I thank her, my children, my friends; my bill collectors thank her sincerely from the bottom of our hearts” 

Nancy Ivanyo

Very Detailed!

great review

"I've worked with Career Innovations for our staffing needs. Bridget was very detailed and brought quality people to meet our needs. We continue to work with Career Innoations to assist with our recruitment. They have also brought ideas to attreact top talent, including ways to retain our top producers."

J.Ford- Director of Recruitment

Expert in Career Development

great review

"Bridget is an expert in Career Development. She was a guest speaker at our school and was very informative on the market trends and the overall job outlook on various industries. She had great takeaways and motivated the students to take action on their career development. I encourage anyone that is looking for a company that needs assistance either in career development or staffing to definitely take a look at what Career Innovations can offer."

David Elliston-Career Services Advisor | ECPI University


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