At Career Innovations we want you to find, keep and advance in your career.  Our personalized online system will help you find the career opportunity that is just right for YOU! Our job search feature pulls job listings from THOUSANDS of sites making Career Innovations our Career Portal a “one stop shop” for all your job searches.

But we don't stop there! Unlike most job sites who give you many listings to review, our advanced search functions allow you to zero in on only the jobs that fit the specification you create.

Once you identify an opportunity of interest you can utilize our Resume Wizard to customize your resume and job objective to fit each specific job. This cutting edge system will guide you through the resume writing process. When you are finished, our Career Advisor will provide you with individualized advice on where you can improve your resume to impress hiring managers.

We know it takes more than a great resume to beat out your competition, it’s also important to impress the hiring manager. Our library is filled with the most current advice on how to effectively interview. So often it’s the person who aces the interview, not the most qualified person who gets the job offer. If you want to learn how to be that person, the information is contained in our library. You might want to also check our calendar for the weekly FREE teleconference we conduct on hot topics.

If you have not selected a particular career path, our site provides two FREE Assessment Tools that were designed by professionals who know what questions to ask to bring out your personality traits and priorities in order to match you up with possible careers. Often these are the careers that will provide you with the greatest chance of enjoyment and advancement.

If you need additional training to start or advance your career we are here to help you with that too! Our Career Portal Site is filled with many campus and on-line educational opportunities and FREE Trade Publication

Whatever you need to begin, change, or advance a career Career Innovations is here for you every step of the way!

If you’re planning a job search, it’s worth considering sending your resume to one or more recruiters. Involving a recruiter in your search has several benefits.

Exposure to the Hidden Job Market

Some experts suggest that up to 80% of jobs are not advertised using traditional methods. These jobs are not advertised, and as such they’re referred to as being part of the hidden job market. Employers often hire recruiters to find employees to save them the time and hassle of advertising and conducting job interviews, or in cases where they prefer to keep their employment opportunities confidential. A recruiter can put you in touch with companies you didn’t know were hiring, and give you a chance at jobs that you’d never hear about otherwise.

Exposure to Specific Jobs

Some recruiters work for employers in specific industries. If you’re targeting a particular industry or field, working with a recruiter who specializes in that field can help you eliminate the jobs that aren’t relevant to your career focus.

Time Constraints

For you as a job seeker, working with a recruiter can save you plenty of time. They’ll not only give you access to the untapped job market; they’ll also do it on their time and not yours. If you’re currently employed while you’re searching for a new job, the services of a recruiter can be invaluable.classic phone 12355

Compensation Negotiation Help

In many cases a recruiter will help you negotiate your compensation package if you’re offered a job by an employer they’re working for.
This can remove much of the “guesswork” involved in negotiating, as a good recruiter will have extensive knowledge of the current market vClick to Schedule an Appointmentalue for your position.  You can also use a salary calculator to give you a ball park number.

The Service is Free for Job Seekers

A recruiter’s fee is paid by the employer, not the job seeker. For you, it’s completely free. Note, however, that this is because the employer has hired the recruiter to find them an employee, and working with a recruiter does not guarantee that they’ll find you a job.

This means that in most situations working with a recruiter should not take the place of a job search. A recruiter can expand your network, but since there’s no guarantee they’ll find work for you, it’s usually best to make your own job search a priority and consider a recruiter as just one of many possible ways of finding a job.

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