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helping-hands1Career Innovations specializes in Permanent, Temp-Perm, & Contract Recruitment Solutions. We are an industry catalyst by empowering our clients with choices which saves time and money. Career Innovations Recruitment Agency acts as a trusted source for our clients to unlock the value in their business through making the right recruitment decisions and getting the right candidate for the right position. Our recruitment agency focuses on accurately capturing our clients' and candidates' requirements, thus ensuring that we get it right the first time.

Career Innovations focuses on “hard to fill” positions.  We give you options and allow you to use our services only when needed.  We generally get request from the Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Marketing & Sales fields.  We lend a Helping Hand by assisting with positions that are very hard to place and usual get low response rates to general advertising and standard marketing methods.  Our Helping Hand program works with the Human Resource Department instead of competing with them.  This is a win-win arrangement because we know an unfilled position can cost a company time and money.  We allow ourselves to be utilized only when needed and only fill positions that are requested.   This allows your Human Resource Department to remain productive and efficient without the pressure of being replaced.   

We are successful through personalizing our services with customers and candidates. At Career Innovations Recruitment we partner with our clients to achieve the best business outcomes by understanding their needs and providing tailored recruitment solutions. We ‘think outside the box’ and offer our clients innovative solutions.                                                                


Career Innovations specializes in Permanent, Temp-Perm, & Contract Placement. Our career placement specialists have proven track records in recruiting across all major industry sectors. At Career Innovations, the key to our success is the ability to provide a consultative approach to both our clients and candidates, enabling us to deliver a strategic recruitment service.      


Career Innovations Recruitment prides our reputation as VALUE, QUALITY, and SERVICE. We take the time to understand our clients and candidates, allowing us to deliver exceptional recruitment advice. Our commitment to integrity and up front honestly is forefront to all our business and recruitment decisions. Our focus at Career Innovations is the impeccable service we offer to our clients.  Picture This

  • We understand that most of the best candidates are NOT on JOB BOARDS
  • We are a Referral Based Firm, which means we find top talent utilizing Referrals and Networking
  • We are NOT a Resume Service, which means that every candidate you receive has been thoroughly interviewed and their overall expertise and references have been confirmed
  • We take pride in our reputation for being known for our VALUE, QUALITY, and SERVICE
  • We take our direction from YOU and take the time to understand our clients and candidates
  • We know your company’s success is based on your TALENT.  Your talent controls your company’s DESTINY


A month to month agreement is set into place.  Once specifications and requirements are received, Career Innovations will send you ONLY candidates that have been pre-interviewed and meet the set specifications.  You will no longer have to waste your time reviewing and some cases interviewing unqualified candidates.  Once candidate(s) are selected to move forward in the hiring process, reference checks, background, & drug screenings are all completed by Career Innovations and these services are included in the monthly rate.                             



Career Innovations Helping Hands Program is designed to assist the client by any means necessary while under the month to month agreement.   There is no limit to the amount of candidates that you can hire.  All candidates that are sent under the Helping Hands Agreement are subject to be hired.   We also encourage clients with several openings in a particular field to utilize this program because it eliminates “per hire” fees associated with a contingency and retained searches.



There are not many firms that are offering unlimited candidates on a month to month basis.  Though, we also offer engaged and retained searches we find that our Helping Hands Program helps clients the most on an ongoing basis with many entry- level and hourly positions.  The relationships with our clients are long-term and mutually beneficial. We work with our clients to achieve a win-win consultative recruitment outcome. We take all our searches seriously.  We get involved not by posting job boards ads, but by getting out there in the field and networking with top performers in the industry.  Career Innovations handles all the stages of the recruitment life cycle for our clients.  This includes: Identifying Candidates, Qualifying Skill-Sets, Pre-Interviewing, Presentation for Review, Extending Offers, Negotiating Salaries, and Closing Deals. This meets our clients’ business objectives by hiring the right people at the right price, thus saving time and money.  Why pay more for the same candidate others might surface if you don’t have to?



Career Innovations utilizes a transparent competitive pricing model.  Helping Hands is a month to month arrangement.  There is no long term commitment required.  Utilize the program only when you need us.  You are billed on a monthly basis.  Monthly cost is dependent on the position(s) and requirements.  Once price is set, it will never increase.  Once you have hired your needed candidates, Helping Hands Services can be cancelled by giving us a (15) day notice.  It’s that simply.  No per hire fees or percentages to calculate, just a flat monthly rate for services you would have paid for separately, but at the fraction of the cost!   Contact us for custom pricing.



Career Innovations guarantees that if the employee is terminated or voluntarily leaves while under an active monthly agreement Career Innovations will replace employee at no additional cost.



We understand you may have a human resources department and internal recruiters in place to make your recruiting process a success.  But we also know you can get overwhelmed and flooded with administrative tasks and unquailfed candidates that can take you away from the recruiting process.  We can work with your current resources by extending a helping hand.  You can choose the level of service you would like us to provide and we assist you in reaching a common goal.  We make it simple, just pick what you need and leave the rest to usclassic phone 12355

  • Identifying Candidates | Sourcing
  • Pre-Interviewing
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Qualifying Skill-Set | Assessments | Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Background Checks | Drug TestingClick to Schedule an Appointment
  • Candidate Follow Ups
  • Extending Offers

Our Helping Hands Services are offered on a flat-fee basis, regardless of position.  Please set a appointment to get accurate pricing.



Our relationships with our clients are long-term and mutually beneficial. We work with people to achieve a win-win consultative recruitment outcome. At Career Innovations Recruitment we utilize a transparent referral model. We strive to build strong relationships with both, clients and candidates, in various industries and assist them with meeting their overall goals.  We learned by working with various companies that their best employees were referred to them either through networking, co-workers, friends and their overall professional social circle.

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Helping Hands Members CLICK HERE to access your account.