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Beyond The Job Board - Cool Tools For Jobseekers

four way puzzle people 400 clr 4883Regardless if you actively looking for employment, open to a career change, or gainfully employed. There are many resources available outside of the infamous job boards and well-known social media outlets. Here are a few to add to your efforts. So what makes these resources unique? We have provided our insight on how they can be used to snag your next career opportunity. is a free personal web hosting service co-founded by...
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Still Jobless? Things You Should Try!

It’s the unemployment rate, the economy, or no one’s hiring.  And these statements may be very much true, but they are also outside factors that you do not have much control over. You can only change your situation or find a solution, only when you change how you approach the problem.  Pointing fingers and playing the blame game does not increase your odds of finding employment.  This only secures your current fate.  If you keep doing...
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Guest — Kristen
This is well written article. I love the last tip "Embrace the word "NO"... That couldn't be MORE true. Thanks for sharing!
Thursday, 14 June 2012 3:03 AM
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