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Carnival of HR: 35 Years – With An Asterisk

Career Innovations is proud to host this week's Carnival of HR.  Carnival of HR is dedicated to bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community! This post was submitted by Tim Gardner.  Time have over 35 years of HR experiece.  He has worn may hats as an project manager, operations manager, HR Generalist, and HR Director. He has a personal blog, "The HR Introvert" which paints a picture of the quiet side of Human Resources.

Human Resources is a tough field. It is also rewarding, fulfilling, dynamic, and strategic. It frequently attracts people who “like to work with people”. But that means so many things.

I work with people. How they manage their machines, or their work processes, or how they work with each other. I work with them in developing workplace solutions that allow them to bring their best effort to their work. I help them manage change, I help them implement change, and sometimes I even help them avoid change.

Being introverted doesn’t preclude someone from doing a great job in the field. It doesn’t mean that a person is shy or withdrawn. They might be so part of the time, but introversion is more about a way of thinking and creating than it is about behaving.

The HR Introvert is about how I experience the field, how I do the work. I have been a project manager, an operations manager, an HR Generalist, and an HR Director. I love to learn from others, and have found many HR blogs that don’t just bring great ideas, but they bring, at times, inspiration. If I bring even a little additive to that, I’d be thrilled.


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A blogging carnival is a social media meme in which a group of bloggers submit blog posts to a “host” who compiles the posts into one collection that they then publish on their site on the prearranged day. The posts and bloggers are generally focused on an similar area of interest, such as Human Resources, and may or may not have a theme which unites the posts on a specific question or topic. Carnivals occur on a regular schedule, monthly/biweekly/weekly, and the carnival hosts change after each event. You can find more information about blog carnivals here.

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