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Beyond The Job Board - Cool Tools For Jobseekers

four way puzzle people 400 clr 4883Regardless if you actively looking for employment, open to a career change, or gainfully employed. There are many resources available outside of the infamous job boards and well-known social media outlets. Here are a few to add to your efforts. So what makes these resources unique? We have provided our insight on how they can be used to snag your next career opportunity. is a free personal web hosting service co-founded by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young in October 2009. The site offers registered users a simple platform from which to link multiple online identities, relevant external sites, and popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. It is characterized by its one-page user profiles, each with a large, often-artistic background image and abbreviated biography.


So What's the Big Deal?

Well, it's a fun and a creative place to start and/or improve your web presence. It will also give your resume and job applications a personal touch with your own URL, plus you will make it easier for potenial employers to find you with all your social media links all in one place.



WEDDLE's Association Directory

WEDDLE's Association Directory is a one-of-a-kind database of 9,000+ job boards, social media sites, career portals, aggregators, employment-related search engines, job ad distribution companies, recruitment blogs and other recruiter resources. They have a database of associations filter by industry.


So What's the Big Deal?

This is a great place for someone that may be looking to make a career/industry change or just may want to cast a wider net. The directory will show you associations in your industry of interest, thus allowing you to connect and network with leaders in a particular industry. The platform is delivered online and both internally searchable and suitable for downloading into a CRM system, it is the perfect resource for sites seeking to gather competitive intelligence and for vendors selling services to job boards and other employment sites....




AngelList is a platform for startups and those that love them. It allows you to browse startups and investors. It also shows where startups are in their funding. AngelList allows jobseekers to search startups in their area for openings and connect directly with their team.


So What's the Big Deal?

Are you open to working for a startup? AngelList opens the door to those that are interested in exploring what startups have to offer. Forbes magazine highlights that people are drawn to startups because of their lack of bureaucracy. At most big companies, you deal with endless approvals, red tape and PR departments looking over your shoulder. Ultimately, new ideas are held up for months and even years. Also startups give endless opportunities to move up within the organization. Many that pursue startups look at the bigger picture. Many gain multi-functional experience which is a real asset for their long-term professional growth. Typically your marketability and compensation increase dramatically at a startup.



Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, with broad coverage of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategy. In contrast to other equity research platforms, insight is provided by investors and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts.


So What's the Big Deal?

Want to know the skinny on public companies' earnings? This website allows you to look at companies on a more financial platform. This allows you to brush up on all the crucial, timely details about the public company you really want to work for (or its competitor), giving you the kind of insight that can elevate a cover letter or interview. Plus it can give you some insight on how industry experts view a companies' financial stability.



Inc. 5000

Inc. 5000 showcases the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. They have expanded the list to the Inc. 5000 to help readers get a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape. They host several Inc. Events, including the annual Inc. 500|5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the Inc. 500|5000 and allows honorees, alumni, and other growth-minded entrepreneurs to learn and network.


So What's the Big Deal?

When looking for your next career move, why wouldn't you want to know which companies are making record breaking trends, especially with growth? Inc. 5000 provides the fastest growing companies which you are able to filter by location, size, revenue, and industry. They also provide the company's rank, 3-year growth % and number of employees.




The world's first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter. In a nut shell it is a job search engine for Twitter. Helping jobseekers and employers by finding and organizing job tweets. Search the hottest, most recent best paid jobs in the entire Twitterverse. @TwitJobSearch


So What's the Big Deal?

Tweet much? Well if you use twitter on a regular basis, why not have job opportunities sent directly to your from twitter? Of course you can attempt to filter and find job opportunities within twitter yourself. But with all the "virtual noise" and the ever changing #hashtags why not leave it to the professionals. It's pretty straightforward, complete your job search as you normally would, being sure to include both job title and location. Enter your email address, select if you'd like to receive alerts daily or weekly and that's it! Plus there are many jobs on twitter that never make it to the job boards....


Keep in mind this is just a snapshot of resources that are out there that can be leveraged in a job search. Want more resources? Check out our upcoming workshop Creative Ways to Market Yourself.....


What are some unconventional resources you have used to land a job?

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